TCS NYC Marathon2017


Queensboro Bridge Story

for the reporting series of TCS NYC Marathon 2017

By Bowen Li

The Arcuri family showed up at Queensboro bridge, cheering for their families and close friends who ran the New York Marathon today. This family tradition started in 2000.
“It’s something to keep the family together,” Frank Arcuri said.


This year, six family members and two close friends of the family signed up for the marathon. The youngest, Lindsay Arcuri, is 22. At 5:30 this morning, Frank Arcuri dropped off the runners and arrived here with the rest of the family around 7:30. They come to the same location every year.


“We choose this site because you can see a wide variety of runners here,” Frank Arcuri said. “And you have enough time to get to the finish line.”


The 58-year-old took his first New York marathon in 1999. In the beginning of his marathon career, he ran to raise fund for Fred’s Team, an organization committed to cancer research and innovation. In five years, he raised $20,000. Two weeks ago, he completed a half ironman; In the next week, he will run a marathon in Las Vegas. Today he decided to give himself a break as a spectator.


Recently, the tradition has taken on a deeper meaning.


Under a tree that has several red balloons tied to its branches, each of the family member wore a special red shirt. In the front, it has a hashtag “Run for Rich.” Below the hashtag is a photo of a running man wearing a number 17 shirt. It was his brother Rich Arcuri, who passed away three years ago.


“He led by example even though he was the youngest brother,” Andrew Arcuri said.


Rich volunteered as a soccer coach for 13 years. He had run the marathon for 14 times. Red was his favorite color.


“Anytime he played a sport, his number is 17,” Frank Arcuri said.


Family friend and high school history teacher, Andrea Hernandez runs today to celebrate her 28-year-old birthday. It is her first time to run a marathon.


“I’m very proud of her,” Joe Pozzi, Hernandez’s fiancée said. “And It’s meaningful for her to do this on her birthday.” They will get married in March 2018.


The family will come to the marathon next year “Without a doubt,” Frank said.


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